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About Vitamin K2

Between the two known vitamin K assortments, vitamin K2 is less perceived. Vitamin K1, the more natural sort, assumes a part in blood thickening. It is additionally gotten from green verdant vegetables, which are viewed as the essential wellspring of vitamin K among Americans.

Then again, you likely aren’t mindful, yet vitamin K2 is actually happening inside your body. It is delivered by the valuable microscopic organisms that line up your gut. While your gut may contain adequate measures of K2, it is not legitimately consumed and is disposed of from your framework. This issue can really fabricate a vitamin K2 insufficiency issue.

On the off chance that vitamin K has a few structures, there are likewise extraordinary sorts of vitamin K2:

If vitamin K has several forms, there are also different types of vitamin K2:

  • MK8 and MK9 can be obtained from dairy products.
  • MK4 is a synthetic form but is similar to vitamin K1. The problem with this K2 form is that it has a very short lifespan of one hour, making it a poor dietary supplement. Nevertheless, you can obtain MK4 from eggs, grass-fed meats, and cheeses.
  • MK7, compared to MK4, has a longer life and stays in your body for about three days. This means that you can benefit more and better from it. MK7 is abundant in a Japanese dish called natto, which is available in Asian health food markets and is inexpensive. The problem with natto is it is an acquired taste and not many appreciate it.

Preventing Deficiency

Poor nutrient absorption can yield to insufficient levels of a certain nutrient, but what causes this problem? For one thing, nutrient absorption is affected by poor digestive health. There are certain digestive disorders that prevent your body from obtaining the nutrients from the food you eat. One culprit that causes digestive problems attack is low stomach acid.

The absorption of certain nutrients, like vitamin K, B vitamins, calcium, zinc, and iron depend on your stomach acid. You need to address any digestive problem first to prevent any deficiency from occurring.

Aside from this, vitamin K2 deficiency can occur due to:

  • Medications like antibiotics, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and aspirin – While antibiotics can block nutrient absorption, they can also destroy your beneficial bacteria. If you need to take them, make sure you consume fermented foods at least three hours after.
  • Processed foods – This is another reason why people have poor health. These foods are more chemical rather than whole food, and can also affect your digestive flora. Make sure you eat more whole foods and avoid munching on fast food and soda.
  • Eating foods that have poor vitamin K availability – Add more green leafy vegetables to your diet. If you’re not fond of fermented foods, like natto, you may find recipes online to enhance their palatability.
  • Lack of dietary fat – Vitamin K is actually a fat-soluble nutrient. If you’re taking a vitamin K supplement, you should consume fat. Either you find a supplement with a type of dietary fat included or you take the supplement with a meal.

Whether it’s vitamin K1 or K2, you need to optimize your levels. Each nutrient delivers a wide array of benefits. For more information, feel free to do more research.